Monday, May 10, 2010

Worst Email Spam Ever

Dear Madam.

It seemed perfecta t first the local sportscaster hooks up with local weather girl. I should have seen right through you. I plan a wonderful weekend in Napa Valley for the two of us and the next thing I know your doing the lead news anchor. You said you wanted to further your career and you had gotten as far as you could dating me. Well go to CraigsMATCHES .com and check out these pictures I posted of you and your lead news anchor. Didn't know I had those did you. Let's see how far either ones of your careers get when I email them to our boss. GOOD LUCK finding another job.
I am so glad that my friend told me your name. I was playing around on CraigsMATCHES .com and I type din your name and up pops these amazing pictures of you. I love the hot pick g-string bathing suit and the black lingerie thing was awesome. I would love to hook up with you especially after seeing those pictures. Call me


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